Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Term Of Service

By visiting our website, you must agree all our term of use for this website, and you have understant our term and our privacy and you also can contact us with a contact form. Below are some rule you must to know before buying from our website.

Links From Hehas

The link form Hehis website may can get you to the third parties. Some product we offer are from Amazon. If you click the link, you can direct to amazon website and you can buy the product from amazon not from hehas website. This link we call third party link.


At the privacy policy site, we have write the rules of our site there. If you want to know what are in the privacy policy and how we protect your personal information, you can visit our privacy policy website.

Changes to Terms of Use

In the future, Hehis may be will changes this term of service if need. And we also change our privacy in the future. Better you still follow our update to your mail if we change the term we will email you.


There are no one are secure if we connect to internet. But we have the best tecnologi to protect all the data that you give to us.

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